Section created to add style to our training sessions and our daily clothing. We want to offer you top quality products both in printing and in the textile materials themselves.
We do printing in both SUBLIMATION and DTG.
What is all this?
Well, they are different techniques with different finishes and with appropriate fabrics for each one.
  • By applying heat and pressure, we make the ink go from the solid state to the gaseous state, at which point the print penetrates the fabric to be customized and becomes part of it. Impossible to appreciate any change to the touch, that is, if you close your eyes and touch the fabric you would not know if it is printed or not.
  • Normally 100% polyester and white fabrics are used. We work with 65% polyester and 35% cotton to give a greater warmth to the touch, although some color intensity is lost due to the lack of 35% cotton that should be polyester. And we came to use light pastel colors.
  • White ink does not exist, so printing is not possible. Just like you can't print black or dark garments.


  • Direct textile printing technique, using special printers we print directly on the textile, the quality of the printing is very high and we will notice to the touch that small normal roughness of this type of printing.
  • Normally 100% cotton fabrics and in any color are used. We work with organic cotton, helping the environment and offering PREMIUM quality.
  • We can print any cotton garment, from t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, hats and everything you can think of.