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ISOSTORM is a (real) isotonic drink specially designed for your most demanding workouts, allowing you to maintain the quality and intensity of the session for longer.

Its composition is based on:

  • the combination of carbohydrates most endorsed by science (maltodextrin/dextrose:fructose in a 2:1 ratio)
  • the most important electrolytes lost through sweating (sodium and potassium)
  • most importantly, the proper concentrations of these ingredients . This detail makes the difference on a physical-chemical level and is what makes ISOSTORM a real isotonic drink and not a simple mix of trendy ingredients.

Unlike many of the brands on the market, ISOSTORM from UPERFORM follows the composition criteria set by consensus and the most recognized experts in sports nutrition, giving rise to the most efficient combination of ingredients according to science to maintain your performance and ensure a optimal state of hydration.


The use of ISOSTORM is justified when there is an increase in the athlete's energy needs, for example, in training sessions that exceed 90 min or when multiple events are included on the same day: double sessions, competitions, training camps...

ISOSTORM makes it possible to delay the appearance of fatigue by providing a constant flow of the main energy substrate of our sport, carbohydrates, with ideal proportions to take advantage of the different transporters in our cells. This allows a greater saving of muscle glycogen and the consequent fatigue associated with the depletion of this energy reserve.

The most recent investigations also show an effect on the Central Nervous System, decreasing the perception of fatigue also through this route.

Train better, for longer.

Prolonged exercise and/or in hot/humid conditions leads to loss of body fluids through sweat. The athlete's hydration status is directly related to:

  • Your physical performance, by decreasing the blood volume in the muscles)
  • Your mental state, by increasing the perception of fatigue)
  • With a significant increase in the risk of injury.

The proportions of the different ingredients of ISOSTORM confer very specific physical-chemical characteristics (osmolarity and osmolality), similar to extracellular fluid, which favors gastric emptying and fluid absorption. In this way we can promote a state of hydration higher than any other drink and reduce the risk of suffering gastrointestinal discomfort during exercise.

Ensures adequate and efficient hydration.


Our recommended basic ration is 40 g of reconstituted product in 500 mL of cold water, so as to achieve the specific physicochemical characteristics described above.

The number of servings or the total amount of daily product will be determined by the volume of training and the needs of each individual.


Isotonic drinks should be taken around training (before, during or after).

BEFORE : to ensure a good state of hydration and availability of carbohydrates for the session.

DURING : to ensure adequate replacement of fluids lost through sweat, as well as fundamental electrolytes and provide an adequate energy substrate that allows delaying the appearance of fatigue and reaching the end of the session in optimal conditions to maintain an adequate intensity.

AFTER : to ensure adequate replacement of fluids lost through sweat, as well as essential electrolytes and help cover adequate carbohydrate needs for proper recovery.

IN COMPETITION : To ensure a good state of hydration, ensure adequate replacement of fluids lost through sweat, as well as essential electrolytes and replenish glycogen reserves that are crucial in this type of situation (performance and recovery). In competition, nerves and the very nature of the effort can greatly and even completely suppress appetite, making it difficult to eat solid food. In this case ISOSTORM is your best ally to ensure adequate carbohydrate intake.


Like everything we do at UPERFORM, the ISOSTORM formulation is marked by the guidelines drawn from the main sports nutrition consensus.

As the fundamental basis of our product, the following stand out:

– The ratio of carbohydrates Maltodextrin/Dextrose:Fructose 2:1.

As much as they want to sell other more exotic ingredients, this combination of ingredients and their ratio (along with the 1:0.8 ratio) are the most studied and supported by science today.

The use of multiple transporters favors the use of carbohydrates and reduces the risk of gastric discomfort that can appear when their consumption is high in a short period of time.

– The necessary electrolytes, in the necessary quantity.

  • Sodium >> 31 mmol/L (360 mg/serving)
  • Potassium >> 160 mg/serving

Sodium is the main electrolyte present in the extracellular medium and also the one that suffers greater losses due to sweating associated with exercise. The homeostasis of body fluids is fundamental, and their replacement is often done without considering the contribution of lost electrolytes.

But not any amount is worth it, the characteristics of a real isotonic drink are determined by amounts of sodium between 20 and 50 mmol/Liter of drink. Translated into real life: in 500 mL of water (our indications) there should be between 230 mg and 575 mg of sodium.

In turn, potassium plays a fundamental role in the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction, which is why we have decided to incorporate this mineral into the product in proportions similar to those of our sweat.

– Its digestibility.

Given its composition, we achieve a concentration of solutes in the drink that facilitates gastric emptying, reducing possible gastrointestinal discomfort that can appear with this type of product if it is not well formulated.

It is true that, in this sense, the sensitivity of each person plays an important role, so it is possible that occasionally an athlete reports some type of discomfort when consuming the product. This is mainly due to the need for adaptation of the digestive system (gastric training) and the state of dehydration itself, so in these cases, we recommend diluting the ration in a larger volume of water and gradually implementing the product in the sessions according to the athlete getting used to its use and intra-training fluid consumption.

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