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RxCOVERY 2:1, the sports nutrition supplement designed to ensure that the body receives everything it needs, initiating recovery processes after intense training.

According to the SDA (Sports Dietitians of Australia), the ideal intake to promote recovery after exercise should:

  • Being rich in carbohydrates, in order to replenish glycogen stores in the liver and muscles.
  • Contains protein of high biological value and easy assimilation that promotes muscle tissue repair.
  • Include electrolytes and fluids so that rehydration is as effective as possible.

RxCOVERY 2:1 combines a high glycemic load carbohydrate source and whey protein concentrate with high biological value and high digestibility, together with an effective dose of creatine monohydrate, glutamine and a pool of the main electrolytes involved in recovery after exercise. This formula allows recovery processes to be accelerated and optimized so that the athlete can take advantage of the benefits induced by intense physical exercise and is in the best conditions to return to the field of play as soon as possible.


Take 70 g dissolved in 300-400 mL of water as soon as you finish your training session and start the recovery process in the most effective way.


Athletes who carry out high-intensity activities with significant physical wear and tear and who want to enhance the recovery processes to return to full capacity for the next sessions.


After a training session or a competitive test, the athlete should try to optimize the restoration of their glycogen stores. Along with rehydration, carbohydrate replacement is the most important objective, especially if the athlete performs several sessions in the same day or must compete again in the next few hours.

The first hours after physical activity have proven to be the most sensitive, so the consumption of carbohydrates through a replacement drink is a very effective strategy. In addition, current evidence highlights that the joint intake of carbohydrates and protein increases muscle glycogen resynthesis ratios, this combination being the most effective way to replenish said stores.

The RxCOVERY 2:1 formula provides a combination of rapidly digestible carbohydrates and high biological value protein in a 2:1 ratio (two parts of carbohydrates for one part of protein), in order to help athletes replenish their energy stores of glycogen and promote its recovery in the most effective way.


Although the protein needs of individuals depend on many factors (age, body mass and composition, daily physical activity, goals...), it is recommended that athletes eat more protein than the amounts recommended for the general population.

The intake of quality proteins is essential for muscle development and the recovery of damaged tissue after physical exercise and, as we have seen previously, it favors the replacement of glycogen, but it can also benefit the immune system, which is affected later. of intense physical exercise.

The RxCOVERY 2:1 formula uses concentrated whey protein mainly due to its high biological value and high digestibility, which favors its absorption and accelerates its availability to repair damaged tissues after exercise. This protein source is of great interest due to its richness in essential amino acids, but especially in Leucine, which plays a key role in stimulating protein synthesis at the muscle level.

The expert consensus of the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) establishes an intake of between 20 and 40 g of net protein peri-workout, although preferably post-workout, to maximize the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.

A recommended serving of RxCOVERY 2:1 (70g) provides 21g of net protein, allowing the associated muscle recovery benefits to be achieved efficiently.


The intake of liquids and mineral salts, especially sodium, is a general recommendation in sports. Vigorous exercise, added to hot conditions, leads to significant losses of fluids and electrolytes, giving rise to dehydration situations that greatly affect sports performance and can even endanger the health of the athlete.

The RxCOVERY 2:1 formula contains 225 mg of Sodium ion / 100 g of product, making it possible to achieve the optimal amounts recommended for replacement isotonic drinks by mixing 70 g of product with 300 mL of water. Also noteworthy is the contribution of magnesium, potassium and calcium, minerals directly related to muscle recovery and reduction of fatigue, as well as proper energy metabolism and normal muscle function.


Along with the above ingredients, U-Perform's RxCOVERY 2:1 recovery product contains creatine monohydrate. This ingredient is the most widely studied nutritional ergogenic aid and with the most scientifically supported positive effects on sports performance that exists. It is in charge of saturating the muscular deposits of phosphocreatine, an essential molecule for the synthesis of ATP.

Among its most recognized effects, the increase in maximum strength and the improvement of performance in consecutive series of high intensity stand out, also increasing recovery speed and delaying the onset of fatigue in this type of physical demand.

Other lesser-known effects of this ingredient, but no less interesting in terms of the athlete's abilities, are the reduction of the damage caused by exercise by favoring regeneration and hypertrophy. In addition, the intake of creatine together with carbohydrates favors the re-synthesis of muscle glycogen, favoring the replenishment of energy reserves.

RxCOVERY 2:1 contains 3 g. per dose, sufficient quantity to cover slow loading and maintenance requirements. In combination with our WodBoost pre-workout formula, the amount of creatine monohydrate provided by both products rises to 6 g, covering the recommended dose spectrum that varies between 3 g and 5 g daily.

Finally, another ingredient of interest within the athlete's idiosyncrasy is L-Glutamine. This amino acid plays an important role as fuel for cells of the immune system of the intestinal mucosa, having been shown to be involved in the maintenance and improvement of immune function. Despite the fact that more research is still necessary to corroborate these effects, there are two groups in which its supplementation seems to be well founded: occasional athletes and athletes with a high level of training, with the aim of improving the adaptability of the system. immunity after intense physical effort, as well as the balance of the intestinal mucosa.


General Not taking in enough calories or the right type of macronutrients can make it difficult or impossible for an athlete to adapt to training. TO
fluids The intake of food in a drinkable format favors greater rehydration by increasing water intake.
The most important replacement in relation to physical effort is the restoration of lost fluids.
Drinks specially designed for athletes increase sports performance.
Carbohydrates Consumption of diets high in carbohydrates during the recovery period increases muscle glycogen resynthesis.
It is important to take carbohydrates during physical exercise, particularly in efforts of more than 1 hour, as well as immediately after finishing it.
The administration of carbohydrates in the first 30 minutes after finishing the exercise and its administration every 2 hours until reaching 6 hours after the end of the sporting activity achieves high concentrations of muscle and liver glycogen.
proteins The presence of protein in replacement drinks favors muscle anabolism.
The whey protein fraction has a marked anabolic character.
Whey proteins favor the replenishment of glycogen stores, which is why it plays an important role after strenuous efforts.
electrolytes Electrolyte solutions based on carbohydrates improve the absorption of ingested water.
Magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.
Magnesium, potassium and calcium contribute to normal muscle function.
Magnesium and potassium contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.
Calcium contributes to the normal functioning of neurotransmission.
Sodium is the main electrolyte lost through sweating. Rehydration with water alone does not solve the problem. Given high rates of sweating, it can even worsen it due to hyponatremia.
It is convenient to add the potassium ion in replacement drinks after physical exertion since it helps to retain water in the intracellular space, although in low concentrations.
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